Me and my friend with waitstaff after our last lunch at E Cucina

Me and my friend with waitstaff after our last lunch at E Cucina

Cesare Marretti

For those who know famous Italian Chefs (or La Prova del Cuoco) or if your a Bolognese Foodie, you know that his name is synonymous with Food, Art and Love. Over the course of my study abroad semester last Spring, I was able to go to his restaurant E Cucina (on the corner of San Vitale) at least once a week, for 6 months! Never did I eat the same dish twice, he is a creative genius who always  reinventing pastas, meat dishes, salads and desserts! His famous “Dieci Venti” attracts large crowds at lunch time, in which you can get water, wine, bread, pasta, salad, dessert and caffe for 1o euros! I have to say everytime I went I felt like I was robbing him.  The wait staff is fun and entertaining, always saying “se non ti piace, buttarlo per terra!” or “if you don’t like it, throw it on the floor”! But my favorite memories of eating there, is when Cesare himself was at the restaurant and would run out of the kitchen greeting all of his guests! Like a pazzo he would run around shouting, a couple of times he came up to my table said, “Sei bellissma! Dammi un bacio, Un regalo per te!!!!” and would offer me a huge bucket with ice on the bottom and fruit on sticks at the top! He changed the way I ate lunches, no lunch could ever compare to the ones I ate at Cesare’s restaurant.

On my last trip to Bologna however, his restaurant was closed as he relocated to Via Senzanome  to open his new restaurant Osteria Senzanome, I just saw some of the first pictures from it on his website. It looks just like E cucina only better! If you are looking for a dinning experience which will change your life (and you happen to be in Bologna!!), I highly recommend his new restaurant. For more information on Cesare Marretti visit his site:


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