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It’s been awhile since I updated my blog! Sorry, I do have alot of interesting news! I am currently in my beloved italia, doing an internship in Padova, actually a small town outside of Padova called ‘Fiesso d’Artico’. I am working in a famous shoe factory doing an Information System project. It’s been a whirlwind experience with a lot of positive and negative aspects, but of course my love for Italy has preveiled. I have come to realize however that it will always be a mixed set of emotions, a love and dislike of the Italian lifestyle (as I said it is more of a love than dislike).

I’ll find a way to make it work…I always do.

Here is a picture from Trattoria Senza Nome on Via Senzanome, Bologna. Cesare Maretti made a fabulous fruit and vegetable salad for us, he never disappoints! You can read more about him and his restaurant in the Cusine section.

Cesare Maretti

Cesare Maretti


La Perla Mare 2009: Aquasuit and Occhi Verdi

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Aquasuit 2009

Aquasuit 2009 Finally arrived!! There are only a few pieces in this collection, but it is done very tastefully with a focus on one piece suits. They are typically in bright colors with small accents like buckles and ties. I personally happen to like this second one :


simple, sophisticated and sexy.

For the full collection visit :

aquasuit-3Occhi Verdi 2009

Occhi Verdi 2009 is a great collection with a wide variety of cuts and colors! From bright reds to deep blues–this line is definetly showing a young sexy bikini style for the Italian beaches this summer! This suit here is quite interesting–unique in it’s shape and cut. I wish the top part of the suit was done in a different color–I am not a fan of the pattern but I do love the cut!


This is another one of my favorites–I love the turquoise belt and the color combination!


Lastly  I love this one–the black and red with interesting bead design.

Check out more from

Cremeria Scirocco

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“Cremeria Scirocco” are two words that mean heaven to me! Last spring when I was in Bologna, we took a trip to Cremeria Scirocco which is about 15 mins outside of the city (Bologna periphery).  The owner Davide, was a computer scientist who decided to unite his love of technology  with his love for Gelato. He developed a computer program which helps to create Gelato by using various inputs. He uses over 5 different kinds of sugar in his gelato’s.  He uses all natural ingredients to develops unique flavors. I tried several of his unique flavors, like Curry (tasted like eggo waffles!!), Green Tea, blood orange, peas… all of his flavors are incredible–the taste is genuine.  He also does torte’s and granitas. If you are in Bologna I highly recommend taking a trip out to this gelateria! It was voted best in Bologna and it truly is some of the best Gelato I’ve ever had!

For more information:

Annaclub Swimwear 2009

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La Perla’s Annaclub Swimwear 2009

Inspired by the great travelers of the Second Century this collection has delicate accents like linen, floral patterns and African patterns that are reminiscent of exotic locations.


I personally think this collection is interesting, and I like it more than the La Perla 2009 Summer collection–One of the things I didn’t like about the collection was the color scheme, which is composed predominately of white, grey and black. I love swimwear to be bright, printed or in pastels–but i think the colors do go along with the theme of that collection which is Pool Party, and architectural inspiration.

This swimsuit represents the African aspect of the collection–I like the shot and the styling of the photo. I think they did a better job in this collection of creating the ‘summer appeal’–smooth glowing tan skin, natural makeup.


This is a gorgeous 1 piece suit, I love the criss-cross front which adds texture.

annaclub3This is the exquisite floral pattern that is reminiscent of Safari’s.

annaclub6I LOVE THIS ONE!  One of the color themes for the collection was nude beige and I think it looks excellent in this shot.

annaclub51Another Beige suit, what makes this one particularly interesting is the molded cups which create a smooth appearance. I love this look!

That is the Annaclub Summer 2009 preview, in which suit do you see yourself and on which Italian Beach? I see myself in the last one basking in the Italian Sole in Sardegna!

For more information on the collection visit

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La Perla Swim 2009 Summer Collection

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La Perla Mare 2009La Perla Mare Estate 2009


The Collection is here! Finally! This is probably the most exciting time of the year for me because this is when all the swimsuit designers release their 2009 Summer collections!  As you all know, La Perla happens to be my favorite and they just began releasing their La Perla Swimwear collection…Malizia, Oceano, and Occhi Verdi will all come a little later! I just can’t wait. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed with Cruise Collection this year, so much so that I didn’t even write about it. But I think this summer collection has some redeeming values.  The theme of this year’s collection is Pool Party, to me personally, it is reminiscent of models lying out at a Luxury Hotel in South Beach, Miami.  This isn’t like previous collections which have been more Mediterranean inspired (collections that I think remind me of Sardgena and Italian Beaches).

la perla mare 2009I think this swimsuit is architecturally interesting.  I like the criss-crossing latices in the front and find the shape unique. I also like the photography on this shoot specifically as the model seems to indulging in this super lux water.

La Perla swim 2009

One of La Perla’s trends this year is one piece swimsuits. They did alot more in this collection than they have in the past. This one is a little reminiscent of the one piece swimsuit from last year.

la perla swimwear 2009This swimsuit is interesting and I like the color combination. However I absolutely hate the shot. One of the things I don’t like was the makeup, instead glowing tan skin, they did pale skin with heavy unnatural lipstick. It looks overdone.

la perla swim 2009This is one of the bikini’s from the collection, I like the metalic accents.

lp20095Lastly there is this bikini which is THE La Perla Bikini. Every year they pick a 1 bikini which they focus on for the collection and feature it, this year I believe it is this one. It’s hard to tell from this small picture they describe here, “Architectural appeal for the interlacing soutache of the bikini that takes inspiration from the metal intersections of the most famous bridge of New York. With shiny effect coated LYCRA®, the bra of the garment creates a sophisticated designer glow on the body. ”


Check out the full collection on

Cooking…Therapy for the Soul

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I love to cook, or rather I love to eat!  I think sometimes you really have to be in the mood to cook, and in some cases, your soul yearns to cook. I think one of the reasons I enjoyed my lifestyle in Bologna so much, is because I was always in the kitchen cooking with ingredients fresh from the market. Even if I didn’t know what I was making, it always turned out delicious! That’s how I felt yesterday. I recently saw an episode of Barefoot Contessa- Back to Basics where she was cooking simple French Bistro food. I love French food, almost as much as Italian. So I decided to make a fabulous dinner for my Mom trying these 3 recipes from the show.

The first was Easy Sole Meuniere

This was so easy and delicious! Took 10 minutes to make, it’s a delicious filet of sole in lemon juice, butter, lemon zest and fresh parsley!

Secondly I made This lovely roasted butternut Squash, Ina Garten used it to make a Warm Butternut Squash Salad, but I simply roasted the butternut squash and used it as a side dish! Simply delicious! 

Butternut Squash Recipe

Lastly I made a French Apple Tart……………..1 word, INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!

Not only is this one of the EASIEST desserts I’ve ever made, but it is also impressive and delicious! It is remincent of a french pastry that you would get in Paris. The recipe is here : French Apple Tart, the only thing I did differently is instead of mixing the marmalade with rum for brushing the apples, I mixed it with Grand Marnier, I think it is a more complimentary flavor.


Thanks Ina Garten for getting Back to Basics!  I certainly will be trying more recipes!

Baci & Abbracci


La Perla Swimwear

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People who are interested in fashion know that La Perla is unique, romantic and feminine.  It is also an Italian Brand that based out of Bologna, Italy. They changed the way I thought of swimwear in the Summer of 2005 when I saw their innovative swimwear collection.  The photos of the swimwear were incredible, the pieces were unique, the makeup was gorgeous…! I hadn’t seen anything like it in stores before in America, in my opinion America swimwear was lacking. I still think American swimwear needs to be designed with more innovation, Vix has been remaking the same style’s for several years now!! Anyway, I am going to leave you with a few photos of pieces that I own from their various swimwear collections. For more information visit or or

This is a gorgeous white Python swimsuit which has been treated to use in water. Summer 2006

This is a gorgeous white Python swimsuit which has been treated to use in water. Summer 2006

 Gorgeous beading that glistens in the sun!

This one Features gorgeous Beading that glistens in the sun! (summer 2006)


From Summer 2006, again a unique piece, I don’t own this one! But I love the style and have never seen anything like it!



This collection reminds me of the origional collection I fell in love with in 2005, incredible makeup, textures and photography makes thes swimsuits stand out from the rest.


This is one of the many pieces I own from this collection and by far one of my favorite swimsuits ever! Glam with real coral!

This is one of the many pieces I own from this collection and by far one of my favorite swimsuits ever! Glam with real coral!

 Summer 2008

This collection was inspiring, called “THE GOLDEN SUMMER” it was shot at Lagomar Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.



I am leaving you with a picture of Irina Shayk who is featured in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, This was shot in Napoli, Italy!

I am leaving you with a picture of Irina Shayk who is featured in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, This was shot in Napoli, Italy!